Sunday, 2 April 2017

Reach for the Stars

Sue Tiong speaking to over a thousand people in Johannesburg, SA on 28th Feb 2017 #TycoonsofWealth
It has been a whirlwind first quarter of the year, 2017 has been busy with travel to many countries and it seems that way until mid year. I am not complaining and each moment with my little ones and loved ones are even more valuable. I cherish these precious little moments.

I have learned to shift my focus on myself to my audience, my clients, the people I deal with. The moment I focus NOT on me but on them, the fear came to naught. It is as if with a decision to focus differently, the fear dissipated.

"It is never about you. It is always about others. Show that you care and they will soon care about you too."
I have learned more self love and the learning curve has been pretty steep in the first quarter of 2017. Thank you for the realisation that finally hit that I have not been taking good care of myself. No excuses. The next remaining years of my life shall hopefully be extended by the steps that I am taking right now to love myself better. Fill up your own cup first before you go on with life. We can run on empty for only that long. Self Love is Loving the World.

I have also learned not to beat myself up if I make a blunder because to err is human. I have also learned to release my guilt or self-imposed guilt. I have released many programmings and boy the worries are mostly guilt-motivated and life has been lighter than ever. Here's to a guilt-free life from now onwards.

I have learned to hope. They say fools dream but I still hope dreams come true. They are slowly proving to be true. Never in my dream I thought I would be doing all that I am doing right now.
I never dared to hope to be a mother as my chances were so slim before this but now I am a mother to two beautiful children. I never imagined myself stepping foot to African continent but I have walked on African soil not once but twice in a span of two months! I never thought anyone would care to listen to me but now I have a steady following since I spoke in front of more than a thousand people at Tycoons of Wealth on Feb 28, 2017. We can hope, but taking action is what makes dreams come true.

I took action with calculated risk and a clear plan. Have you made your plan and have you taken action already?

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Life's Lessons Learned by Sue Tiong

I am working at 1am and on my final leg of antibiotics yet I have never felt so blessed... I count my blessings that I have:
1. A beautiful family, my siblings and extended family, both parents still alive and well, beautiful husband Lee Chong Siang and I will die for my kids. ❤
2. A beautiful network of friends and associates. There are no stranger status once you get to know me. And I treasure each and every one of you whose paths I crossed since I was born. Especially more so since I met JT Foxx, World's No 1 Wealth Coach. Thank you #JTFOXX for what you have done.πŸ€œπŸ€›
3. A beautiful tribe, and even more beautiful business partners, Roz and Joan, you two are my pillar of strength when I am down πŸ’ͺ🏻and put me right back on my path and πŸ—£steer me to the right direction when the SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) takes over my right brain but that is happening less and less now with mind strengthening.✍️
4. To all the beautiful spiritual teachers and religious teachers of my past and future from different religions I have crossed paths with, 🌞🌝πŸ”₯to all beautiful origin where I came from, that enabled me to be conversant in 11 languages and Asian dialects, Kamek Anak Sarawak, Oku bogok bala madis Bidayuh, Anang irau Aku Sayau Sarawak, oh, do I even need to prove myself. 🀷🏻‍♀️I usually just bask in the blessed feeling and that alone is enough and I don't need to prove anything to anyone, such is the unique upbringing and background that #SueTiong possessed.πŸ’πŸ»
5. A beautiful team of Coaches whom Sue has crossed paths with especially since 2015. I feel truly blessed, and I am spreading my wings and literally flying places to do what I do best... to teach and to share what I know best. 
6. A beautiful 2017 so far and today when our eldest son turns 4, I look back at the losses πŸ‘ΌπŸ»and heartache of those who came before him but we couldn't hold on to, πŸš‘and I choose to be positive and I choose to be happy. ❄️🎭
7. A beautiful life so far and the making of an even more beautiful mindset and heart within myself. Life is fair. It throws just enough bad for you to appreciate the good; just enough loss for you to appreciate your gain, and I have been truly blessed and yes I can say now, NO REGRETS, Lessons Learned. πŸ™‡πŸ»‍♀️
With that I share my joy of my blessings and wish everyone peace of mind ✌️and may joy permeates every corner of your heart. 😘❤#Motivation

Friday, 18 November 2016

Nukilan Penaku

Sudah sekian lama sejak blog ini dikemas kini. 
Karangan kali ini berkenaan dengan kasih sayang dan cinta yang memisahkan kita manusia daripada haiwan.

Ramai yang berpendapat bahawa rata-rata manusia mempunyai akal fikiran maka kita sebagai manusia adalah lebih berkuasa dan berada pada kedudukan yang lebih tinggi dalam Strata kedudukan semua Species di dunia ini.

Namun disebabkan oleh ketamakan dan sifat mementingkan diri sendiri, manusia telah menunjukkan sifat yang tidak berperikemanusiaan yang menjadikan sesetengah orang berpendapat binatang pun lebih penyayang berbanding dengan manusia yang sanggup membunuh saudara sendiri termasuk darah daging sendiri demi ego dan haloba.

Amatlah sedih apabila kita membaca dan mendengar berita yang hiba apabila kematian dan kecederaan di dunia yang diakibatkan angkara manusia itu sebenarnya adalah sia-sia dan mampu dihentikan sekiranya manusia menggunakan akal fikirannya dan mendekati sifat kemanusiaan yang sememangnya setiap bayi yang lahir mampu menguasai sifat perikemanusiaan yang sememangnya anugerah semulajadi kepada semua manusia yang berakal.

Ego dan perasaan tamak haloba serta dengki menjadikan manusia berfikiran sempit dan melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati dan benci yang mengaburi mata manusia daripada apa yang benar dan patut, menjadikan manusia itu lebih teruk daripada binatang. 

Seandainya manusia mampu berhenti sejenak dan berfikir dengan akal yang diberkati, sebenarnya kalau kita kasih dan sayang, dunia ini akan penuh dengan kasih dan sayang, maka kita tidak perlu berebut-rebut dan berperangan sesama sendiri. Sayang sekali berpuluh-puluh generasi terperangkap di dalam belenggu peperangan dan kelaparan yang mana kasih dan sayang tidak mampu berakar umbi. 

Namun dunia kita tidak seharusnya berputus asa. Selagi hayat dikandung badan kita melaksanakan apa yang patut dan mendidik generasi baru kita agar menjadikan dasar berperikemanusiaan itu lumrah hidup agar masa depan dunia kita masih ada harapan yang cerah. Optimis! 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Living up to Expectations

I had a very special guest when our baby girl was just one-month-old at that time. One of her four godmothers flew in all the way from Borneo, the Malaysian state of Sarawak, to meet with her under a 'covert' mission that I don't leak out her identity over social media so I will leave it at that. She is one of the three godmothers who are staying in Sarawak and yes our girl is truly blessed to have one goddaddy and four godmothers.

We then talked overnight and talked and talked and talked while taking turns to care for our baby girl.
Then the inevitable talk happened. How much does our house cost and how much does it cost for me to exit my business just before our baby girl was born and how are we coping with me slowing down my work to concentrate on my newborn baby girl. Then she talked about how much her household income is and whatever she earn every month, her salary is distributed for the expenses and she is left with very little savings at the end of the day. 

Money cannot buy happiness, but usually that is spoken by bitter people who feel they don't have enough money and they may have a love-hate relationship with money. Like JT Foxx World's No 1 Wealth Coach said, only broke people will use the excuse Money cannot buy happiness because He, JT Foxx has got lots of money and he is very happy! 

I think money has nothing to do with being happy, happiness comes from being comfortable in your own skin. If you are already happy you will be happy with or without money. So please don't equate money to happiness. Having money is not a sin. Not having money is not a sin either.

Okay today is the end of the first week of September and we have exactly 3 months and 3 weeks left in 2016.

We shall see what I say about money a few weeks down the road as I am undergoing huge transformative changes in mindset with special help from people who are good in what they do, so we shall see if my mindset about money improves or drastically change in the coming weeks. I am sure it will change but maybe not that much?

You see I have been brought up by two low key and down to earth parents, they are school teachers, money was never something we pursue, it is always 'safe' to hold a regular job with a stable employer and wait for that pay at the end of the month. Doing business is seen as greedy and businessmen are usually sneaky and cunning, and just out to cheat you of your money, that was what I got from my growing years and while I know these messages are irrational as I know really nice and very humane business people now that I myself am a businesswoman myself it is funny how these childhood programming cannot leave your subconscious.

So I embark on my journey of self discovery and trying to experience a paradigm shift as far as money and wealth is concerned.

Let the blessings of abundance and wealth and all the good things in life be received with open arms, heart and mind on every level. Shall update this again soon. *wink*

I end this with a quote from Walt Disney - A man should never neglect his family for business. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

101 days

 It has been 100 days. It went by like a whoosh. Our baby girl is 101 days old today, time passed by so fast yet the days are long yet the weeks went fast. Each day I find myself counting the minutes of when she last fed, when she last poo, when she last slept and napped, each day I count the hours to when hubby would return home, so he can take over a bit while I spend more time with our eldest. No one said becoming a parent is easy and no one said becoming a parent comes naturally to anyone. It is a learned skill, just like any job in the world we need practice every day to do it to the best we could. 

Happy 101th day my little girl, another milestone another achievement for both of us, may you grow up to be healthy and happy for many more 100 days!!!
We love you so much. Xoxo Mama Papa and Elder Bro.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The house makes sounds early dawn

So I was staying up late today and the clock shows 4.18am. Burning the midnight oil to catch up on work while the rest of the world at least in this part of the world are asleep.

I first heard it at 4am an echo caused by metal clanging on my chrome staircase railings. Soft but firm. I ignored it and sure enough it repeated within five minutes. Then the story that I heard last week about the recent death of the teenage girl who used to grow up in my current house replayed itself in my mind. This girl grew up with her family and walked up and down these stairs for many years before they moved away and just recently early June passed away suddenly. The father actually dropped by and burned incense and placed apples and oranges under the tree in front of our house about a week after her death. Perhaps he has this belief that her soul may wander back to her childhood home and no incense burning for her to sustain her soul (Chinese belief which is more cultural than religious). 

My overactive mind started whirring louder and I half expected to see lurking at every corner, a female figure in white with long straight rebonded hair like how the Asian horror movies portray their female spirits. Then I calmed myself down and took a deep breath and feel the atmosphere, a lizard just tsk tsk tsk away as if shaking its head at my foolish thoughts and fear of this poor girl's spirits. If anything I should offer a silent prayer to the spirit of this teenage girl and may she rest in peace and may her surviving father find peace in her loss.

RIP 😒 May all beings be well and happy. 

Have a calm weekend everyone.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Three Deaths and Joy Combo In Life

We all know that we are all going to die some day. Yet the way some people behave is like they have a death wish or they feel they still have a lot of time left on Earth and they can afford to squander away precious time and resources, depends on how you look at it.

My first memory of death was of my grandma lying down on a hospital bed and my mom opened the window and we peeked in from outside as I was barely 5 back in May 1985. The image is clearly etched in my memory, my grandma with her eyes closed and being given the oxygen mask, even at four years old I knew death is a grave thing and it was not fun or an occassion for merry making. The next thing I remember was a blur of activities and many strangers coming into the family home and we all had to don white and black, and my mom with her pregnant belly, kneeling down over the coffin and crying. My baby sister was born less than 3 months later before my grandma's 100 days after her passing. My first encounter with death and joy of birth happening almost simultaneously.

Fast forward to a joyful childhood where I grew up being the only Chinese-speaking girl in my class of 37, and having to learn a new language(s) with my playmates, to a dramatic move away from my childhood town to my parents' hometown with more teenage angst and hormonal outbursts and finally University and my first job and finally a decent boyfriend that my parents approve of lol.

My second encounter with death and joy was in the year of 2007. My grandpa died 10 days before my wedding reception in my hometown. It was really a mixed feeling. I was quite close to my grandpa and from wearing white and delivering his eulogy at his funeral, I was made to change into a red outfit immediately after he was laid to rest as I was to be a bride in the next week. According to Chinese customs, white or black signify sadness or bad luck or death, and red or bright colours signify joy and birth and happy occassions or celebration like New Year or weddings.
Another red and white occassion and it happened within such a short span of time. 

Things happen in threes just because it is the favourite number of the Universe or so I believe, in 2013 my son was born earlier than his due date and exactly 30 days later my mother-in-law passed away. It was all predestined, earlier birth that was unplanned, and 30 days later the death that occurred on the day the red eggs were distributed. Chinese customs usually see people giving out red eggs (the egg shell dyed with edible food dye) as red signifies happiness). It was another mixed emotions occassion for everyone. We took it in stride and mourned while not being too consumed by grief as we had our long awaited newborn son to take care of. 

In times like this I felt that it was a good test of our mettle and inner strength, it was also a good training field for us to practise equanimity where we ain't supposed to be too carried away by happiness and excitement nor are we supposed to be drowning in grief and despair. We consider ourselves to be privileged to be thrown such challenges because what doesn't kill you really make you stronger and hopefully wiser.

This time around life is Kind. And we are thankful for that. We can truly enjoy our newborn baby girl and I feel like it is a second chance for us to enjoy a peaceful start to enjoying infanthood, a chance denied to us the first round as death was looming as my late mother-in-law exceeded doctors' prognosis and stayed alive with her resolve to see her unborn grandson. This time around we truly appreciate the gift of life that we receive and for that we are truly grateful.

I always remind myself having experienced death and joy simultaneously three times in my life so far: "At the end of our life here on earth, when it is the last of our hour, when we are about to breathe our last and the inhale was never followed by an exhale, what will be my final thoughts? I just know that my final thought should be and must be happy and contented with no regrets of a life lived well." ~ Sue Tiong